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Support the State of Florida Agencies' operational reporting needs for financial data contained in the Florida Accounting Information Resource (FLAIR). Support our internal customers in their management, planning and strategic decision-making, by supplying information solutions and data services. Create solutions for information that can be accessed by customers at different levels of skill. Provide reporting solutions for diverse customer needs. Maintain and ensure integrity of data in the FLAIR Information Warehouse.


The Information Warehouse contains operational data from the FLAIR-Central Accounting Component, FLAIR-Departmental Accounting Component and FLAIR-Payroll Component, as well as from external systems such as the State Treasurer's Office and the Executive Office of the Governor. This data is for reporting only and no updates are allowed. Users do have the ability to write queries against the data for agency specific reporting.

Some data in the Information Warehouse is considered confidential and has extra security placed on the tables it resides in.

Access the Information Warehouse using any of the following:

NASSAM (Mainframe)
Managed Reporting Environment (MRE)
ODBC compliant tools (using iWay)

In order to access the Information Warehouse, a user must have security. This security can be established through their agency's RACF Administrator, regardless of the access method.

     denotes a secured report when using this website.

Tax Receipts

  • The Tax Receipts is a report of actual Tax Receipts summerized to Rollup Categories.
  • Report Types are:
    • Past Fiscal Years - Report of historical Tax Receipts for past five (5) fiscal years and current fiscal year.
    • Specific Fiscal Year - Report of YTD Tax Receipts by categories for Fiscal Year selected.
    • Current Fiscal Year - Reports YTD Tax Receipts by categories and agency for Fiscal Year Selected.
  • Drilldown to the tax receipts rollup categories report is available from line graph and pie chart.
  • Data will be returned in tabular form, and Line graph or Pie chart.
Report Type
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