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State Budget

Florida's budget focuses on the needs of the state and its citizens and is prepared using the guiding principles in Chapter 216, Florida Statutes. The state's budget information originates from the Governor's budget system. The budget information is then transferred to the state's accounting system for operation. While every effort is made to reconcile the information in the separate systems, differences may result due to recording for perspective reasons. Site users should know that the budget information presented on this site is extracted from the state's accounting system and should be aware of these potential differences. Budget information on this site presents appropriated budget and remaining unspent budget. Appropriated budget may be different from General Appropriations due to budget reductions. Reports provide drilldown capability to appropriation categories and to state agencies. Information presented does not include non-operating budget nor does the information include prior year appropriations for fixed capital outlay projects or grants and aids.

Category Reports

The following reports are related to appropriation categories. Appropriation categories are the lowest level at which monies are spent from the state budget.

Special Category Reports

The following reports are for special categories. Special categories are used to fund amounts appropriated for a specific need.